EU referendum: Shocked members urge solidarity and change

Image copyright AP Image caption European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker went into crisis talks on Friday Shocked EU leaders have called for stability and solidarity – but also for change and reform – after the UK voted to leave the organisation. President of the European Council Donald Tusk said the remaining 27 members were determined to stay united. But leaders like Italian PM Matteo Renzi said the EU had to

Neptune’s Massive New ‘Dark Vortex’ Is As Big As The United States

An unusual new feature has appeared on Neptune: a “dark vortex” so massive that it would swallow the United States if it was here on Earth.  “Dark vortices coast through the atmosphere like huge, lens-shaped gaseous mountains,” Berkeley research astronomer Mike Wong, who led the team that analyzed the Hubble data, said in a news release. “And the companion clouds are similar to so-called orographic clouds that appear as pancake-shaped features

How Brexit Polls Missed The ‘Leave’ Victory

British news networks have called the United Kingdom referendum on membership in the European Union for “leave” in a narrow victory that took most of the night to shake out. The BBC estimates that “leave” will win by a margin of roughly 52 percent to 48 percent. Polls had indicated the vote would be very close, but most last-minute surveys showed “remain” leading. Two internet pollsters conducted day-of surveys on

EU referendum: Brexit sparks calls for other EU votes

Image copyright AFP Image caption Marine Le Pen said the French must have the same referendum The UK’s vote to leave the EU has sparked demands from far-right parties for referendums in other member states. France’s National Front leader Marine Le Pen tweeted “Victory for freedom” and said the French must now also have the right to choose. Dutch anti-immigration politician, Geert Wilders, said the Netherlands now deserved a “Nexit”

If You’re Younger Than 31, You’ve Never Experienced This

Still not convinced the Earth is rapidly warming? Consider this: The last time the global monthly temperature was below average was February 1985. That means if you are 30 years old or younger, there has not been a single month in your entire life that was colder than average. “It’s a completely different world we’re already living in,” Mark Eakin, coordinator of NOAA’s Coral Reef Watch, told scientists gathered this week for

Democratic Republic of Congo arrests group over child rape

Image copyright AFP Image caption There have been repeated reports of sexual violence in eastern parts of the DRC (file image of rape victim) The authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo have arrested 75 suspected militiamen for murder and rape in the province of South Kivu. They are accused of targeting very young girls, reportedly associating them with supernatural protection. Those detained include the group’s alleged leader, Frederic Batumike,

Infinity and beyond

Image copyright Twitter/twitted_knitter Image caption “Aspects of national teleportation. Panama,” popular Twitter account wrote. Many people had a childhood dream about teleportation – you enter a glimmering teleport, or say “Beam me up!” and are transported hundreds, maybe even millions of miles away. A popular Russian paper said that a governmental working group was meeting up to discuss the national technological development programme. The programme envisages, among other things, that

Being European In A Time Of Brexit

Millions of people in the U.K. woke to a grey and rainy morning on Thursday, facing a decision about the country’s membership of the European Union: To stay, or to leave. Sam Schwarzkopf, a German neuroscientist who has lived in the U.K. for 17 years, awoke early. His British wife wanted to make sure she could vote in the EU referendum before work. “I’m confident she voted ‘remain,’” Schwarzkopf said

17 Of The Most Absurd Things Donald Trump Has Said About Marriage

1 If she won’t sign a prenup, she’s not the wife for you. Tom Gates via Getty Images “The most difficult aspect of the prenuptial agreement is informing your future wife (or husband): I love you very much, but just in case things don’t work out, this is what you will get in the divorce. There are basically three types of women and reactions. One is the good woman who

Samosa success

Image copyright Alamy You may think of the samosa as a humble street snack but it is much, much more than that. It is an historic artefact – as well as delectable evidence that there is nothing new about the process of globalisation. Bite into a samosa and the notion that identity is defined by the boundaries of a nation state should shatter like the deep-fried crust. These days it