16 Hong Kong meals vans have been given approval to arrange on metropolis streets. This is what foodies can anticipate

However these people weren’t eagerly awaiting an astronomy lesson. They had been queuing as much as expertise certainly one of Hong Kong’s first meals vans. Dubbed Pineapple Canteen, the cheerful yellow truck makes a speciality of conventional Hong Kong pineapple buns, named for his or her bulbous form and thick crown of sugar. By the top of March, 13 extra meals vans will be part of them, establishing in eight

The death-defying Dance of the Flyers

One man, known as the caporal, stands in the middle on a small, wooden platform playing the flute and drum. There is nothing to support him. There are no safety nets to catch him. One misstep and he falls to his death. The other four participants are positioned around him. Suspended by ropes, they launch themselves from the top of the pole, twisting like acrobats. Like birds soaring through the

The Nordic climate creates a culinary wonderland of fish, cheese, berries — and sheep heads

“Norway being as long as it is, being as untouched as it in nature, you have things here that are unique. “For me it was mind-blowing. I saw the way they preserved fish, meat and I just thought I’ve never seen this before.” Norway’s distinctive cuisine has been shaped by its 100,000-kilometer coastline, by its long winters and brief summers, by the forests that cover a third of its surface,

The two Norwegian phenomena you need to experience in your lifetime? White nights and black coffee

This story complements the Culinary Journeys TV series, airing monthly on CNN International. See more of the show here: Share photos of your own Culinary Journeys on Instagram with the hashtag #CNNFood for a chance to be featured on CNN. In the height of midsummer, the sun doesn’t set for months in Norway’s Arctic north — and nearly 11 p.m. in the southern capital Oslo. Norwegians seize their short