This Kid Snuck Into Game 7 Of The NBA Finals With A Fake Press Pass

If you ever want to sneak into the NBA Finals, you might want to take a page out of Micah Poag’s playbook.  Poag, 19, decided last Friday that he needed to figure out a way to get into Game 7 of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. So he did something so outlandish, few would ever seriously consider it: He booked a flight and started making a

Pictures released of 72 England fans suspected of Euro 2016 violence

Image copyright PA Image caption Police are hoping to identify these men suspecting of being involved in the Marseille disorder Pictures have been released of 72 England football fans suspected of having been involved in “highly organised” violence in Marseille. Police are hoping to identify the men involved in the clashes ahead of and during England’s Euro 2016 1-1 draw with Russia earlier this month. The UK Football Policing Unit

Derek Jeter Tells Obama How To Retire In Style

They’re both icons. They’ve both won against the odds. And soon, they’ll both be retired. Former New York Yankees player Derek Jeter recently sat down with President Barack Obama and told him what it was like to hang up the spikes for the last time. He smiled as he told the president what to expect on his first day off the job: “You’re going to sleep a lot.” “I slept. I don’t

Kris Dunn’s NBA Pipe-Dream Is Finally A Reality

Reaching the NBA is the ultimate goal for most basketball hopefuls, but it was like a pipe-dream for Kris Dunn. Nicknamed “Peanut,” he was still just 5-foot-7 as a scrawny high school sophomore. His father was not around and his mother — who has since died — was constantly in and out of jail. Food was scarce in their Alexandria, Virginia home. Dunn and his brother, John, had to eat Hot Pockets for

‘American Ninja Warrior’ Contestant Competes With Prosthetic Leg Like A Damn Boss

Artis Thompson III is basically a superhero. Let’s be real, most of us couldn’t imagine making it through one obstacle in “American Ninja Warrior.” The course is insane.  It tests the strength of your mind, your reflexes, your stamina, and, most obviously, your body. Thompson adds another trial to this whole affair because he isn’t just another extremely in-shape person ready to take the title of American Ninja Warrior. Thompson,

For Paul Giamatti And Ethan Hawke, Drama Is Easy But Soap Operas Are Hard

Sports movies are almost always elaborate metaphors for overcoming adversity. The new baseball movie “The Phenom” is no different, but it strips some of the genre’s clichés. There’s no ra-ra finale where the team finally succeeds, which means there’s no training montage set to empowering music, no locker-room reflections and no tough-loving coaches. There is, however, a thoughtful mentor and a troubled father. In this case, they’re played by Paul

More late goals than great goals – BBC pundits on Euro 2016 so far

Euro 2016: Dimitri Payet scores stunning French winner There have been a few great goals, and plenty of late ones, but how is the expanded European Championship shaping up as a tournament to remember? After 13 days and with 36 of the 51 games played, the group stage has ended with only eight of the 24 teams going home. From hosts France and holders Spain to world champions Germany, the

This Is Muhammad Ali’s Louisville

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — They flocked to Louisville from all over the world to pay last respects to Muhammad Ali a week after The Champ had died. A Nigerian from Venice Beach who spent a two-hour flight telling everyone around him how much Ali meant to him and the people of Africa. A woman from Ohio who, just days after hip surgery, had suffered four hours on the road to see