A Boston Dynamics Robot Has Figured Out Door Levers. Sleep Tight!

In what could easily be a clip from an upcoming “Terminator” movie, a video released this week shows a four-legged robot opening a closed door and allowing its less abled companion to march in. Engineering and robotics design company Boston Dynamics captioned its short YouTube video “Hey Buddy, Can You


Trumplomacy over Iran leaves Europe scrambling for answers

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionWhat’s next for the Iran deal? Barbara Plett Usher explains There is a growing sense of frustration, bordering on incredulity, among President Trump’s European allies following his recent actions in the Middle East. That gulf was on display again on Monday with markedly different responses to the move of the US embassy to Jerusalem and the violence that accompanied it in Gaza. But it is Mr Trump’s abandonment of the Iran nuclear